5 Benefits of High Intensity Exercise

Woman fitnessIf you have a dream of attaining any significant weight loss, then short bursts of intense exercise should be incorporated into your weight loss plan. Why? Here are 5 benefits of high intensity exercise.

1. Fat Burning

High-intensity exercise, unlike any other form of exercise, ensures that your body keeps burning the excess fats, long after you have left the gym. During these intensive exercises, enough oxygen cannot be supplied to all your body muscles. What this means is that, by the time you are done with the intensive exercises, your muscles will have accumulated an oxygen debt.

For normal working of your body, this oxygen must be paid back. To attain this, a metabolism process takes place for a very long time, many hours later. Prolonged metabolism leads to an increased rate of calories consumption, which in turn leads to more of the stored fats in the body being consumed by your body. The overall result is increased weight loss.

2. Weight Loss

For people aiming to lose weight, it is advisable that they take some regular, short and intense exercise every day.

Intense exercises also play a very important role especially for those people that want to put their bodies in shape. The exercises work by stimulating some hormones that are essential for muscle growth and developments. Muscles, especially in men are always seen as a representation of a perfect living and a healthy body.

3. Strengthening the Heart

Another very important benefit of having these intense exercises regularly is that they lead to the development of a strong and stable cardiovascular system. This is so because, where you are doing intense exercises, your heart beat rate is increased. This works by increasing the strength of your heart. A strong heart leads to an increased ability of your cardiovascular system.

4. Increasing General Fitness

These short interval exercises increase your recovery potential which means that, in future, you will take less time to recover from excessive workouts.

When you are on these intense exercises, it is important that you consider involving full body movements. These movements should be challenging and should involve your entire body. Try to recover in between your rounds by taking a rest. Care should be taken to ensure that your body fully recovers before you embark on your next round of exercise.

These exercises are better when carried out regularly but because of how intense and involving they are, it is better not to do them every day. Consider incorporating rest days in your work out plan.

5. Variety

What are some of the exercises that you can do as part of your high-intensity exercise plan? To start with, you can start with just some simple exercises, with time, you will be ready for the heavily involving exercises.

For instance, you can start with some pushups, walk outs or simply lunge jumps. You should carry out these exercises, allowing for around forty-five seconds in each task. You should also allow for a fifteen seconds break before embarking on the next exercise.

You can also carry out pull-ups, box jumps or simply TRX Jack knives as the sets of your second circuit of your exercises.

Something very important to note here is that you should take your time to know how to carry out each of these exercises for the desired results. Also, it is advisable that you first take medical tests and advice to be sure that your body is capable of the rigorous exercises. Your instructor and your doctor can also advise you on the best routine to follow and how to best do it.

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