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5 Benefits of High Intensity Exercise

Woman fitnessIf you have a dream of attaining any significant weight loss, then short bursts of intense exercise should be incorporated into your weight loss plan. Why? Here are 5 benefits of high intensity exercise.

1. Fat Burning

High-intensity exercise, unlike any other form of exercise, ensures that your body keeps burning the excess fats, long after you have left the gym. During these intensive exercises, enough oxygen cannot be supplied to all your body muscles. What this means is that, by the time you are done with the intensive exercises, your muscles will have accumulated an oxygen debt.

For normal working of your body, this oxygen must be paid back. To attain this, a metabolism process takes place for a very long time, many hours later. Prolonged metabolism leads to an increased rate of calories consumption, which in turn leads to more of the stored fats in the body being consumed by your body. The overall result is increased weight loss.

2. Weight Loss

For people aiming to lose weight, it is advisable that they take some regular, short and intense exercise every day.

Intense exercises also play a very important role especially for those people that want to put their bodies in shape. The exercises work by stimulating some hormones that are essential for muscle growth and developments. Muscles, especially in men are always seen as a representation of a perfect living and a healthy body.

3. Strengthening the Heart

Another very important benefit of having these intense exercises regularly is that they lead to the development of a strong and stable cardiovascular system. This is so because, where you are doing intense exercises, your heart beat rate is increased. This works by increasing the strength of your heart. A strong heart leads to an increased ability of your cardiovascular system.

4. Increasing General Fitness

These short interval exercises increase your recovery potential which means that, in future, you will take less time to recover from excessive workouts.

When you are on these intense exercises, it is important that you consider involving full body movements. These movements should be challenging and should involve your entire body. Try to recover in between your rounds by taking a rest. Care should be taken to ensure that your body fully recovers before you embark on your next round of exercise.

These exercises are better when carried out regularly but because of how intense and involving they are, it is better not to do them every day. Consider incorporating rest days in your work out plan.

5. Variety

What are some of the exercises that you can do as part of your high-intensity exercise plan? To start with, you can start with just some simple exercises, with time, you will be ready for the heavily involving exercises.

For instance, you can start with some pushups, walk outs or simply lunge jumps. You should carry out these exercises, allowing for around forty-five seconds in each task. You should also allow for a fifteen seconds break before embarking on the next exercise.

You can also carry out pull-ups, box jumps or simply TRX Jack knives as the sets of your second circuit of your exercises.

Something very important to note here is that you should take your time to know how to carry out each of these exercises for the desired results. Also, it is advisable that you first take medical tests and advice to be sure that your body is capable of the rigorous exercises. Your instructor and your doctor can also advise you on the best routine to follow and how to best do it.

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Why Metabolism Matters for Weight Loss

Metabolic basal rateWondering what metabolism is and if it’s really important when it comes to weight loss? The art of losing weight can be tricky. There are many factors that people have to take into consideration when they are trying to lose weight. Your metabolism is one of them.

Some people complain about having a slow metabolism, and in result, they have a hard time losing weight. On the other hand, some people never gain weight and can lose weight quickly because of a fast metabolism. In order to understand your metabolism, you have to know why metabolism matters for weight loss.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories or expends energy. Our bodies burn a lot of calories in many different ways such as the energy that your body uses to keep the body functioning when you are resting. Your body also burns a lot of calories by the activities you do and through exercise.

How Metabolism Helps Us Lose Weight

Losing weight is a hard process. That is why it is important for our metabolism to function properly. Your metabolism is based on genetics. Some people can eat more and not gain weight, and other people have a slow metabolism. How does that pertain to weight loss? When you are active, your metabolism speeds up. Adding exercise to your daily routine can help speed your metabolism which helps aid in weight loss.

Think about your body as a car that needs gas. You have to put fuel in your car to move. Your metabolism is the same way. When you do not exercise or eat properly, you can slow your metabolism down, and that will cause you to gain weight. Our fuel is food, and when you eat unhealthy foods, you store fat, and it makes it hard for our metabolism to burn off fat.

Knowing what kind of metabolism you have can help you lose weight. The reasons why metabolism matters are so important to know. If you are aware that you have a slow metabolism you have to eat less in order to lose weight. When you have a high metabolism, you will have to consume more calories to maintain your weight. You will begin to lose weight once you learn how your metabolism functions.

It has been an ongoing debate on whether or not you can change your metabolic rate, but with proper exercise and a healthy diet, you can have a high functioning metabolism.

Some things can sabotage your weight loss and make your metabolism slow down such as starving yourself. We all get upset from time to time when it comes to not losing weight, and we may skip meals or go a few days without eating. This will actually make your metabolism worse. That is why it is important to eat healthy meals such as breakfast to speed up your metabolism.

The way your metabolism functions is very complex. Now you know the reasons why metabolism matters. If you want to have a healthy metabolism you have to stay active and eat the right foods. Sometimes genetics or other health problems may get in the way of having a fast metabolism but don’t let that discourage you. You can lose weight and have a fast metabolism as long as you take care of your body.

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How To Lose Weight Fast Without Pills

Cranberry Nut CheeseballAre you wondering how to lose weight fast without pills? Are you maybe asking if it’s even possible? The good news is that yes it is.

Losing weight effectively without using pills or medication is possible. One of the best ways to be successful with this is to follow a low carbohydrate diet plan. Such diets are becoming more common, and I bet you have probably heard of them, or possibly even used a low carb diet plan in the past. But if you’re still looking for information on how to lose weight fast without pills, I guess you had trouble with it. What went wrong? Let’s see how you can actually be successful while sticking to a low carbohydrate food plan.

Some people experience differing degrees of success in their low carb dieting, although any dieting program is hard to truly maintain. As is the idea of successfully achieving weight loss with any fad or trending diet. So keeping things simple is a good idea.
When attempting a shift to a low carb lifestyle, try using these tips on losing weight fast without pills, toward success in creating a more healthy lifestyle.

1. Yes, You Can Eat Out!

For most people, learning how to eat a low carb diet is all about making good diet choices. Eating out is a necessary evil and part of a healthy social lifestyle. So don’t making eating unenjoyable, don’t compromise your weight loss goals, and don’t restrict yourself unnecessarily. Keep reminding yourself that your focus is on losing weight fast and doing it without any pills or medication, and you’ll be fine.

In fact, keeping a lifestyle that is supportive and motivating is the key. Just eat according to a consistent plan, so that you will be able to lose weight and keep it off consistently. Any change in lifestyle is evident, when it makes lasting changes for the individual. Eating out is fun, so should be the daily eating regimen or food plan that works for you.

2. Discovering How To Eat Right Is A Process

Don’t expect to be perfect, or to know it all from the get-go. One great thing about weight loss without pills or medications, you get to discover a whole new way of living. Making healthy choices is a fascinating change in lifestyle, it means your mind and body get to sync up. Giving yourself the proper nutritional balance with carbs, proteins, and healthy fatty consumables isn’t a big deal.

Don’t make it all about rules and eating strictly, because learning to eat right is an education. Going through the process is the only way to unlearn the bad eating habits of the past.

3. Go Hungry No More!

Girl in a bikiniTrendy fad diets make endless claims about their results, but usually make users starve themselves and utterly desperate to eat more. This can lead to binge eating and not succeeding at your primary goal of how to lose weight fast without pills.

When using any low carb diet, you should get a full satisfied feeling at each meal. This is a natural and healthy thing. No diet should leave you going hungry, so keep this in mind and structure a fulfilling low carb diet plan.

4. Low Carb Diets Have Been Used By People In Many Times And Places

After the trends are here and gone, low carb diets will still be around helping people lose weight. Low carbohydrate dieting has been used in cultures all over the world, long before saturated fats became demonized wrongly in modern times.

The first published low carb diet appears in a book from William Banting in 1861. It wasn’t until 1972 that someone finally followed up on these concepts, when the Atkins diet was published by Dr. Robert Atkins. Now it is helping thousands of people in losing weight, staying slimmer, and keeping pounds off globally again.

5. Research Studies Support Low Carbohydrate Dieting Consistently

It is important to understand that low carb dieting is backed up with real world research. Studies have shown that low carb diets are effective in promoting weight loss. In fact, there have been 20 medical research trials published since 2002 to back this up. Eating a low carb diet has been shown to improve individual health in a variety of ways, in a number of different studies.

Benefits that dieters have reported include: helping to control type 2 diabetes, minimizing risk factors for premenopausal females, getting HDL cholesterol back to normal, improving blood sugar levels, lowering blood pressure, and insulin problems. The typical low fat diet is also believed by some users to prevent all forms of heart disease. But results will vary and you should talk with your doctor before starting any diet, especially if you have medical issues.

Plus of course, losing weight just makes most people feel happier with their bodies and increases self-esteem. Therefore, eating low carb is a win-win choice for the average person.

6. Losing Weight Is An Attainable Goal For Anyone

In reality, steady weight loss is not impossible and easily attainable by using a proper low carb plan. Eating the right way is the key to losing unwanted weight, but this idea has been erroneously slandered by much of the modern media and literature today. This idea is false, as is the mindset that says losing weight isn’t a realistic goal.

Anyone can set a goal of losing weight and do so successfully, if they will only make a true conscious effort to follow a plan of action. If this plan includes a low carb diet, then we think it will be assured the greatest potential for success.

So now you know how to lose weight fast without pills, surgery, or medication. You can do it. Your goals for weight loss are attainable. Start now while your motivation is high, and reap the rewards with a slimmer, more attractive you!

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How to Lose Fat Over 40 – Women

It can be tough knowing how to lose fat, especially if you are a woman over age 40.

catThose pesky bulges can pile up in all of the wrong places, such as your belly, thighs, hips, and butt. Not only that, but the fat seems to get stuck there and will not go away!

Nothing seems to make an ounce of difference, no matter how much you try to diet and exercise. In fact, it can feel like the more you diet, the worse things get–because whatever you may lose goes right back on, and more with it.

But now, thanks to some recent discoveries, there is an answer for women who want to know to how to lose fat over 40.

First, let’s look at what’s really going on behind all that ineffective dieting.

The Number 1 Reason Why Women Gain Fat After Age 40

The biggest reason why women gain fat as they grow older–and find it harder and hard to shift off–is the changes in the female hormones that happen as we grow older.

The hormone estrogen, plus progesterone which acts as a counter-balance to estrogen, allows women to be fertile at certain times of the month.

In your earlier child-bearing years, they are regulated by the hypothalamus, the area of the brain responsible for hormone control.

But as you get a little older, the hypothalamus begins to get confused–to put it simply. Estrogen goes UP, progesterone goes DOWN, and you become what we might call “estrogen-dominant.”

fat loss buddyBeing estrogen-dominant is a bummer, because too much estrogen makes the body deposit more fat on the hips, thighs, and butt. Not only that, but it sends messages to your fat cells to grow and multiply! It makes you want to eat more of the wrong food AND it brings your metabolism down so more of those calories can be converted into butt-hugging fat.

And adding to the effect even more is the action of the thyroid. Estrogen blocks thyroid activity, while progesterone stimulates it. So having an excess of estrogen and not enough progesterone is like removing your foot from the metabolism’s gas pedal AND slamming on the brakes!

Centuries ago, there was a good reason for this. Women over 40 might have a lot of mouths to feed, while still fertile themselves. It made sense that their bodies would hold on to all the calories they could get.

But most of us are no longer at risk of starvation. So the answer to how to lose fat over 40 is that we need to correct the metabolic slowdown that estrogen causes.

How? Continue on the next page

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Estrogen Dominance – The Big Reason Women Can’t Lose Weight

We just saw that estrogen dominance is the biggest factor in why women find it so hard to lose fat after age 40. Before we look at how to solve this and start shifting that fat, let’s consider the 3 reasons why estrogen comes to be so dominant in our bodies as we pass the year 40 marker.

Why We Become Estrogen Dominant, Reason 1

woman in bikini assThe biggest cause of estrogen dominance is simply getting older, and the difference that makes to our fertility.

We think of the menopause happening around age 50, and it does, on average. But the menopause is the end of a long process of slowly dropping ovulation levels that start around age 30—yes, as early as that. Right around this age you start to skip ovulation some months. That’s when the body releases an egg, so that you can get pregnant.

For most women, there’s no noticeable change yet, because the monthly periods go right on happening on schedule. But if you are tracking your fertility, by the time you are age 30–35, you are likely to see that ovulation doesn’t happen with absolutely every cycle anymore, and it gets less frequent as time goes on.

Why is this important? Because there’s an estrogen surge before ovulation is due. Then when ovulation happens, progesterone increases, counteracting the extra estrogen. So if ovulation happens on cue, as it pretty much always does when we’re younger, fat creation and fat burning are kept in balance, and we have to eat a lot to gain weight.

But as you get older, that ovulation isn’t happening every time anymore. So you will have fewer progesterone surges to stimulate the thyroid and keep fat under control.

By age 40, you’re likely to notice the difference—in extra fat around your hips and thighs!

Why We Become Estrogen Dominant, Reason 2

The next major cause of estrogen dominance is the change in our food supply and environment that’s happened in the last few decades. This includes around 80,000 chemicals released into our world that were nonexistent or only present in tiny amounts one hundred years ago.

They’re in plastics, pesticides, food additives, personal care products, cleaning products, and even in the air we breathe. A lot of these chemicals infiltrate our bodies, mimicking the effects of thyroid-blocking estrogen.

chickens and eggsSometimes the link is even more direct. Cows are milked even while pregnant, when their bodies are producing huge amounts of estrogen. Chickens need to have high estrogen levels all year round if they are to lay eggs every day—so farmers make sure to keep their estrogen high. Chicken manure is often used in feed for other animals, so that estrogen gets into all animal products–dairy, meat, eggs.

All of this totally messes with a woman’s metabolism and her ability to burn fat. For guys there are major effects too–the estrogen they consume can affect their fertility and contribute to “man-boobs”.

Even some of the fish in our lakes and rivers are changing from male to female from all the excess estrogen and estrogen-mimicking substances in our water!

Why We Become Estrogen Dominant, Reason 3

The final big cause of estrogen dominance that stops us losing fat as we get past our early youth is stress.

Whenever you’re stressed, the hormone cortisol circulates around the body at high levels. This suppresses the metabolism and the digestive process so that the body can concentrate on the life-preserving actions you’d have needed to take if you were attacked by a tiger or faced some other serious threat back in the dawn of time.

Back then, it wasn’t an issue. You’d fight the tiger or run away, using up the cortisol, and the metabolism would return to normal when you were safe.

But these days, major physical activity like fighting or running away is not an appropriate response to most of the stresses we face. When your stress is caused by sitting in heavy traffic or a showdown with your boss, you pretty much have to sit there and take it.

So there’s nothing for the cortisol to do. The body keeps producing it and never using it. So the metabolism is constantly on a go-slow.

And what’s more, guess where the body gets the biological material to produce cortisol? That’s right, some of it is diverted from producing progesterone! So your progesterone levels fall, leading to another cause of estrogen dominance.

Plus lower progesterone means lower thyroid function. That’s like taking the foot off the gas for your metabolism. It slows down even more, and fat accumulates, right where you don’t want it.

How To Solve Estrogen Dominance and Kick-Start The Metabolism

The good news is that it’s possible to deal with many of these causes of extra estrogen, so your body can begin to burn all that pesky fat off of your belly, hips, butt, and thighs.

Here are two simple things you can do right now.

First, avoid estrogen and chemicals that mimic it by cleaning up what goes into your body and onto your skin. That means looking at labels on beauty products and cleaning products, for example.

When it comes to food, you may want to choose grass-fed beef over regular, and cut down on other animal products such as chicken meat, milk, and eggs. All of these contain large amounts of estrogen, even if they are organic, because the estrogen doesn’t depend so much on what the animals are fed. Their bodies have to produce hormones for them to produce eggs and milk.

Second, work on reducing your stress levels. There are two ways to do this. One is to create boundaries around what you do, so you say “no” more often and make time for yourself. The other is to include some stress-reducing activities in your daily schedule, such as yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises. This will keep your cortisol levels down, giving your thyroid a chance to work as it should.

How to Get Fast Fat Loss Results

However, some of the reasons for having more estrogen as we grow older are unavoidable–such as the natural changes in our own bodies, or the need for protein which will mean eating at least some animal products.

Plus, we might want to get quicker results. Many women are very estrogen-dominant by the time they reach age 40+, and it can take a long time to get rid of that by using only the above two methods.

So you’ll want to look at faster ways to burn fat by boosting the metabolism. For that, we recommend Metabolic Renewal.

With weapons like this, you are NOT doomed to gain weight as you age.

You could even lose the excess fat you’re already carrying!

Why not give it a try?

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