Metabolic Renewal Review – It’s Not For Everybody

Dr. Jade TetaMetabolic Renewal is a brand new weight loss program for women, designed by Dr. Jade Teta. It comes to you from a team that’s spent years working tirelessly to figure out the best programs to help you lose weight.

But it’s not for everybody. It’s only for women. Is it right for you? Let’s see.

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What Is Metabolic Renewal?

Metabolic Renewal is specially designed for women of all ages. You choose your plan depending on your hormone levels, set by a simple online questionnaire. There are variations for younger women, women going through the menopause, and post-menopausal women.

Here’s what you get:

  • 15-Minute Intelligent Workouts (videos – online and DVD mailed to you)
  • 12-Week Metabolic Meals Plan
  • Mindset and Movement Roadmap
  • Female Transformation Tracker
  • Bonus: Body-Sculpting Burnouts
  • Bonus: Rapid Results Quick Start
  • Bonus: 5-Step Flat Belly Formula

  • Metabolic RenewalIt’s pretty easy. You just follow along with the videos. You’ll see several people on screen, doing different versions of the plan, for different fitness levels.

    You only need to do the videos for 15 minutes, three times a week, Dr. Jade says.

    Pick your fitness level (start low if you’re not sure) and jump in!

    If you have disabilities or mobility issues, Jade Teta has tips for how to change the exercises to suit you. If you have any health issues, you should also check with your doctor before starting the plan.

    Of course, what you eat is vital for weight loss, too. So you’ll also find a full eating plan that you can customize to your tastes. This is in the Roadmap book and the Metabolic Meals Plan.

    Does Metabolic Renewal Work?

    The first thing to know is that Metabolic Renewal doesn’t work for men. It’s designed to work with female hormones at different times of life.

    That’s why you need to fill out the quiz when you visit the page. The plan is a little different according to whether you get bad PMS or not, whether you are approaching menopause, going through it or past your menopause, etc.

    With these tweaks, Dr. Jade Teta has come up with customized plans that should suit all women (over 18) who can move around a little.

    If you are totally bedbound, you won’t want this because it involves movement.

    For everybody else, you get to see real women talking about their experiences with the program in the video when you take the hormone quiz here.

    “I hate long videos”

    We hear you! So leave it playing, do something else for around 25 minutes, and come back to it.

    Then you’ll see a page below the video where you have a FAQ and more info about the program.

    But don’t forget to come back to the screen so you can benefit from a 60% fast action discount!

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